qkGate - The new way to activate your gate automation

qkGate uses the ISM 2.4 mHz radio in your smart phone to automatically open your gate when you arrive.

Authorizing access is easy and free; you can give your unique access code to as many people as you like. It is easy and free to change your gate access code by customizing the qkGate configuration.

This means that there is no need to alight from your transport to press any buttons in order to activate the gate opening automation.

Importantly, your privacy is assured because qkGate does not connect to the Internet.  This means qkGate does not store, forward or process your personal data and it does not keep logs or log files. The qkGate device does not use subscriptions, user accounts or Cloud Services to store and manage your configuration. The open and close function of qkGate is completely stand alone.

What does all mean?

It means that you can get rid of your PIN Pads, FOBs and Zappers

It also means that qkGate is a cost effective solution instead of GSM diallers at the gate which need to have an active SIM Card installed. The diallers also need to have a Voice Contract or a Pre-Pay mobile subscription to receive calls and SMS messages. As SIM cards expire and get cancelled by the Mobile Network Operator the SIM has to be replaced.  qkGate does not use the GSM mobile network so no SIM Cards and no Voice/pre-pay contract to worry about.

If you have a GSM dialler, you may have heard about that the ongoing deployment of the new 4G (LTE) & 5G mobile networks is triggering the retirement of 2G and 3G networks and this means that the 2G/3G GSM diallers at the gate will stop working eventually. The hardware will have to be replaced, and the SIM card upgraded to 4G/5G. If you choose an IoT SIM you will also have to install a User Profile and Subscription into a Cloud Service….. none of this applies if you purchase the qkGate solution.

To purchase qkGate, please order via this website or call 064 669 4100

To install, please contact your PSA registered gate automation installer to arrange installation. 

Simple Access Control

qkGate uses the ISM 2.4 mHz technology within your smart phone to automatically open your gate when you arrive.

Easy to install

The qkGate unit comes with a wide range of features that make it easy to install and to connect into a new or existing gate automation solution.

Easy to use

  • In your phone, go to Settings
  • Check WiFi is switched on
  • Find the wkGate
  • Enter password
  • Press enter

Now you are connected. Approach the gate and it will open. Easy to share with friends and visitors.

No maintenance costs

Our product, qkGate , does not use the GSM mobile network. No need for SIM Cards and no Voice/pre-pay contract to worry about. qkGate is a cost effective solution.

Technical Support

The qkGate installation guide is short and user friendly but the empoweringTec team are also at the end of the phone. Call Jonathan on +353 86 0224 886


If you are a PSA gate installer please contact us and we can arrange a personal visit or a bespoke training. Call to discuss how you can install this exciting new product. Call Jonathan on +353 86 022 4886

Secure Payment

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Quick Delivery

Orders via this website or call and your product will be sent within the next 24 hours. We use AnPost so your shipment should arrive next day if within Ireland.


  • Simple to use
  • No maintenance costs
  • Security assured
  • Easy access for friends
  • Low carbon footprint